Apple in life

Red Apple Sculpture

The red apple sculpture is tempting. Apple is a very common fruit in our life. It is rich in minerals and vitamins and is one of the most commonly eaten fruits. There are many kinds of apples, but they all have one characteristic: the appearance is round, and the color of the peel is red, yellow and green.

The symbolic meaning of apple is peace, a happy life will come, and it contains a lot of nutrition, which is good for human health. The flower language is trap, simple, kind-hearted, and has the meaning of guidance and peace.

The flower language of apple flower is a trap, because it has beautiful flower shape, five petals, and the color is white and pink, which is very eye-catching and attracts people to eat it. Apple flower also has good flower language meaning, which is simple and kind-hearted.

Red Apple Sculpture

The apple flower will eventually wither and bear sweet and delicious apples. Although beautiful, they are simple and kind-hearted. They offer delicious fruits to people and bring sweet to people. In addition, the apple flower has the meaning of guiding and peace.

Now, people present apples in the form of sculptures, with realistic shapes. Not only are the red apples very beautiful, but also their huge size, which makes us appreciate the unique charm of large apples and will become a classic sculpture image.

Details of red Apple sculpture

Red Apple Sculpture

This red apple sculpture is carefully made by Arturban sculpture foundry. It uses high-quality fiberglass materials to create a very realistic image of the sculpture. On the top of it is a black apple stalk, with a green leaf, which looks very fresh. The red apple reveals a shiny luster, and the white details under the apple also create a vivid image, as if it is the part not irradiated by the sun. It makes its color lighter. It adds to its natural realism.

This big apple sculpture is very unique and eye-catching. The red apple sculpture looks ripe. A bite will be very sweet and full of juice. The shiny image on the surface represents its freshness. It is a very good choice to put its vivid and interesting image in the garden, square, courtyard, garden… The exquisite fruit sculpture is not only lifelike in shape, but also full of sweet smell when you walk by it.

Moreover, as an outdoor decoration, it also has a very beautiful meaning. It is simple and kind-hearted. Peace is its best blessing for people. It will be like a lucky fruit, bringing simple happiness to your life.

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