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wire mermaid sculpture

1.Introduction of wire mermaid sculpture The wire mermaid sculpture stands out for its unique manual welding process and elegant design. The sculpture presents a proportion of human size, with a height of approximately 75 centimeters and a length of approximately 150 centimeters. Through clever steel wire hollow out techniques, the sculpture showcases the beautiful contours […]

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sea creature statues

1.Introduction of sea creature statues This is a very attractive sea creature statues. Marine sculpture, with its diverse and innovative styles, has become a unique and charming decorative element. When creating sculptures of marine life, we can create various vivid images, such as starfish, octopus, coral, etc. These sculptures not only add a natural and […]

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mermaid with dolphin sculpture

1.Introduction of mermaid with dolphin sculpture This mermaid with dolphin sculpture is called “the goddess of the sea”. The “Goddess of the Sea” Fountain Sculpture is located in Pleller Park. It is a bronze sculpture created by artist Christine Vesbal, aiming to celebrate the vitality of Mertel Beach. It depicts a mermaid happily leading two […]

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mermaid statues for outside

1.Introduction of mermaid statues for outside This is mermaid statues for outside.  This sculpture depicts a beautiful mermaid blowing a shell similar to a flute like trumpet, as if we heard beautiful music. And the story of this flute mermaid statue is a love story. This is the story of Alec Benk, a Russian immigrant […]

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1.Introduction of mermaid sculpture This is a classic mermaid sculpture. The upper body of the statue is a girl with neat hair tied behind her head, plump breasts raised high, her right hand on the stone and her left hand on her leg. The slender legs are in a kneeling position, and the lower end […]

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brass mermaid water fountain

1.Introduction of brass mermaid water fountain Our brass mermaid water fountain show that two beautiful mermaids are holding a pot, which is the conch shape. They raised conch highly, as if they are raising new hope.  We pay attention to the design and details of the Mermaid fountain sculpture, our sculptor can carve the mermaid […]

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life size mermaid fountain

1.Introduction of Life size mermaid fountain Life size mermaid fountain is the image of a mysterious Mermaid riding the waves to the surface. Her upper body is the image of a beautiful girl, and her lower body has a long fish tail. Sitting on the waves, it seems that she has magical power in the […]

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bronze mermaid sculpture

1.Introduction of Bronze Mermaid Sculpture Bronze Mermaid sculpture is that the beautiful mermaid kneels on the edge of the pool like a devout believer. She holds a large clam shell. The water flows slowly to the pool along the lines of the clam shell. In the center of the clam shell, it seems to be […]

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mermaid bronze fountain

1.Introduction of Mermaid Bronze Fountain Mermaid Bronze Fountain is a life size beautiful sculpture of a mermaid. The mermaid stands upright on the grass. Her slender body and the front fin are very vivid. She held a flower shaped shell in her hand as a washbasin. She held the washbasin in one hand and stretched […]

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