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lion statue in front of house

1.What do lion statues mean in front of a house? What do lion statues mean in front of a house? People are very curious about the meaning of lion statue in Feng Shui. when we go outside in daily life. We often see two mighty and domineering lion statues placed in front of house. As […]

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chinese lion statue

1.Introduction of chinese lion statue Chinese lion statue, It is also named Foo Dog in western, and some people named them Buddha dog. Its origin is that some people think these stone lions are similar to pine lion dogs, and began to call them dogs rather than lions. Chinse lion statue placed inside or outside […]

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Marble Sleeping Lion Statue

1.Introduction of sleeping lion statue Sleeping lion statue gives people a more ferocious citrus. Lion is a very ferocious animal. Outdoor lion statue has always had the meaning of exorcism and blessing. It becomes the invisible guardian. Many people like to put a marble lion sculpture in their yard. It can not only bring good […]

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