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lion statue

1.Introduction of crown lion statue This pair of crown lion statue with feet on shields are customized sculptures for our customers. The lion has a golden crown on its head, which lays the foundation for the lion to be the “king of beasts” and a symbol of power and justice. The lion roared loudly with […]

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lion statues in front of house

1.Introduction of Lion Statues in Front of House Lion Statues in Front of House is common sculpture in our daily life. It is said that lions have auspicious meanings and can ward off evil and avoid disasters. Many people put a pair of lion sculptures on their doorsteps to pray for good luck. This is […]

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lion statue for house

1.Introduction of Lion Statue for House Lion Statue for House is most familiar animal sculpture. It has a strong body, its eyes are bright, and its mane is thick, just like long beard. Lion Statue Pair is with two strong male lions. It lies on a bluestone slab and looks forward and wants to guard […]

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