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horse statue water fountain

1.Introduction of horse statue water fountain This famous horse statue water fountain is a classic sculpture on Lincoln Square in Arlington, Texas. It is a bronze horse fountain of the famous artist Carlos Espinos. In the center of the fountain, there are three horses with their forelegs raised, and only their hind legs left on […]

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pegasus fountain

1.Introduction of pegasus fountain This three-layer Pegasus fountain attracts people’s attention very much. The design of fountain is simple and elegant. The simple three-layer bowl design has soft wavy lines like lotus leaves. In the middle of each bowl, there are columns as support. The patterns on each column are very fine carved, showing exquisite […]

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horse water fountain

1.Introduction of horse water fountain This golden half horse water fountain sculpture is our customized image for customers. Three Golden Horses raised their front hoofs and roared loudly. The image of jumping up in the clear water is very vivid. The water spray from the sky blue pool turned into a colorful rainbow under the […]

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