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Horse Fountain Sculpture Bronze Horse Bust Animal

Horse fountain images are sent to us by an Australian customer. His family has a pool on which he wants to install a fountain with three half horses. He wanted to make the three horse bust statues in the picture, but he love gold color. The size he love is 120 cm high, He felt […]

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life size rearing horse statue

Life size rearing horse statue is a bronze horse used for outdoor garden decoration. It is displayed in the image of raising its legs and jumping. Its two front legs are raised high, its rear feet are firmly on the ground, its long tail has been dragged to the ground, and itis roaring. The golden […]

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life size fiberglass pegasus statue for sale

Life size fiberglass pegasus statue for sale is very beautiful, The Pegasus statue is light and lively from the front and side. The Pegasus roars with its head up and its hooves soar into the air. It is free and unrestrained, and its movements are coordinated. It not only makes people feel power, but also […]

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