Horse fountain images are sent to us by an Australian customer. His family has a pool on which he wants to install a fountain with three half horses. He wanted to make the three horse bust statues in the picture, but he love gold color. The size he love is 120 cm high, He felt that the bronze horse fountain was durable but more expensive, so we recommended fiberglass horse fountain for him. Fiberglass material has high hardness and is lighter than steel. Even jet planes use it as pipes and fuel tanks. It is stainless and sturdy, and it is also a material that has been used for a long time. He thinks that the model we recommended for him is in line with his expectation, so he customized the life size horse fountain statue.

Our customers are always involved in the production. He felt that he could participate in the design process of his family decorations with a sense of accomplishment and full of expectation. First of all, our professional sculptor is experienced in clay mold, the clay mold of 3 horse statue carved is finally confirmed by the customer. Then, we will copy a plaster mold on the clay mold. Next, we will make the fiberglass statue, first coat the gel coat on the surface of the mold with a brush, then spread the glass fiber on it when it is half dry, then soak the resin with a brush, then spread the glass fiber, then brush the resin, and stack them layer by layer to achieve the required height. The next step is to take the fiberglass statue out of the mold and polish and repair them. Finally, it is the process of coloring while polishing.

horse fountain
horse fountain clay mold
fiberglass hourse fountain

Polish the product with 180# sandpaper, and then polish off the demoulding wax on the surface of the product, and then use automobile atomic ash to fill pinholes and mold closing lines.

2. Smooth with 220# sandpaper, spray the first primer, and repair the imperfections with atomic ash.

3. Smooth with 360# sandpaper, spray the second primer, and then repair some subtle details with atomic ash.

4. Smooth it with 800# sandpaper, and start spraying golden automobile paint. After the paint is dry, we will check again whether there is oil flowing and less spraying at the bottom of the paint. After the paint is qualified, we will spray a layer of automobile varnish, which can further ensure the brightness of the product and the durability of the paint.

After our customers receiving the 3 horse fountain statue. he is very happy. This is feedback image from our customer. Our customers said the horse statue was so beautiful that it exceeded his expectations. It has become the brightest place in the whole courtyard. When the fountain is opened, the surrounding of these statues exudes golden light, which is full of dreamy beauty. Whenever a friend comes, he will praise him and make him proud.

horse fountain feedback

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