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Geometric Gorilla Statue

The geometric gorilla sculpture combines nature and technology, tradition and innovation through the expression of modern art. The unique polygonal design of Geometric Gorilla Statue not only highlights the power and majesty of the gorilla, but also gives the sculpture an abstract and futuristic sense, inspiring the audience to think deeply about nature and wildlife […]

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Outdoor Gorilla Statue

Have you been amazed by the combination of Captain America and King Kong? Outdoor Gorilla statue is the combination of king kong and American captain. Is this statue very domineering? Captain America is the soul of the entire Avenger alliance. He is a leader and a soldier. Unlike DC’s Superman who relies on power to […]

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gorilla art statue

1.Introduction of gorilla art statue gorilla art statue is geometric type. In the zoo, we often see the image of gorilla with two hands patting on the chest or walking around with both hands on the ground. When other animals or things that it doesn’t like, it will show its teeth, hit its chest and […]

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