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large lion garden statue

1.Introduction of Large Lion Garden Statue Large Lion Garden Statue is the most familiar animal sculpture, and the lion is the most common auspicious beast. It is the embodiment of wisdom and power. It has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity and endless, symbolizing status, dignity and peace. Therefore, lion sculpture is loved by people. The […]

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lion garden sculpture

1.Introduction of Lion Garden Sculpture Lion Garden Sculpture is our common product for customer.The fierce lion is the king of the grassland. Its limbs are strong and powerful, and its running speed is beyond people’s reach. When it sit there, and its King’s momentum still frightened other animal.From Large Lion Garden Statue we can see […]

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lion yard statue

1.Introduction of lion yard statue Lion represents the same moral and can play the role of exorcism and blessing. This is a strong male lion garden sculpture. Lion is standing there with a vigorous posture, straight back, closed mouth, looking into the distance. It is full of dignity, without the usual ferocity, with a trace […]

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