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fat woman sculpture

1.Introduction of Fat Woman Sculpture Fat woman sculpture is a fat reclining woman, a replica of the Botero sculpture customized for our customer. In this sculpture, we can see a fat woman is with one arm resting on her head, one arm hanging on the side of her body, and holding a corner of the […]

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fat female statue

1.Introduction of fat female statue Fat female statue is one of Botero’s classic sculptures. Fernando Botero, a master who has a deep interest in volume and sexuality, has changed from painting to sculpture since the 1970s.Fat breast and buttocks have become the biggest feature of his works. This sculpture is a fat woman standing on […]

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botero sculpture

1.Introduction of botero sculpture This sculpture show a Sphinx. Inspired by the fairy tales of the Sphinx in ancient Egypt, he made the sculpture of the winged Sphinx. Botero expressed the wisdom and knowledge of the Sphinx with an expanded and round sculpture image. It attacks on the Realism societyl. Fernando Botero Sculptures successfully laid […]

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