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crocodile garden statue

1.Introduction of crocodile garden statue Crocodile garden statue is life size. Its design is very realistic. Like a real crocodile resting there, it opened its mouth as if it was ready to catch its prey. The scales of its whole body are extremely hard, as if no one can hurt it. Maybe you dare not […]

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life size crocodile statue

1.Introduction of life size crocodile statue This life size crocodile statue is a very interesting sculpture of crocodile and children. The crocodile’s mouth is tied by the reins, the mouth can only be slightly opened, and its sharp teeth look very fierce. On its back is a little boy and a little girl. The little […]

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garden crocodile statue

1.Introduction of garden crocodile statue This garden crocodile statue is very interesting and vivid. We can clearly see the hard scales raised on the crocodile, which makes people afraid to approach. It opens its mouth at rest and leaks out its sharp teeth. It is very fierce and people dare not approach it. This sculpture […]

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