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bull and bear bronze statue

1.Introduction of bull and bear bronze statue This is the bull and bear bronze statue at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany. The image of a bull and a bear confrontation with a bull’s head slightly higher than the bear’s head. The bull and the bear look at each other as if they will attack […]

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bull bear sculpture

1.Introduction of Bull Bear Sculpture Bull Bear Sculpture is very interesting. The bull and the bear sit on both sides of the seesaw, supported by a ball in the middle. As soon as the bear made an effort, he cocked the bull high. The lovely bear opened his mouth as if he were laughing happily, […]

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bull and bear statue

Bull and bear statue is a death competition between bulls and bears. The sculptor Harry Webber said he was trying to create a life and death battle that no animal won. In this sculpture, the classic financial market forces of bear market and bull market are depicted, and no one wins. For those interested in […]

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