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large buddha head statues

1.Introduction of large buddha head statues This beautiful large buddha head statues presents a solemn and solemn large Buddha head, showcasing the compassionate face of the Buddha. The details of the sculpture are very exquisite, from the facial expressions of the Buddha to the hair texture of the head, all of which demonstrate the sculptor’s […]

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buddha sculpture

1.Introduction of buddha shakyamuni sculpture This beautiful buddha shakyamuni sculpture sits in a meditative posture or meditation posture. In this position, the legs are crossed, tightly locked, and the soles of the feet are visible. The Buddha sits on a double lotus seat with round lotus petals. The Buddha was wearing a gold robe with […]

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buddha shakyamuni statue

1.Introduction of buddha shakyamuni statue This loving buddha shakyamuni statue is carved in the image of sitting with a knot. His left hand is placed horizontally on his knees, with a fixed seal, and his right hand is placed on his right knee. The palm is inward, and his finger points to the ground, indicating […]

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