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bronze bison sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze bison sculpture Bronze bison sculpture is life size. This sculpture adopts abstract artistic features and shows the buffalo sculpture in a rough form, which makes us feel the rough art. Whether placed in gardens or parks, it not only adds artistic beauty to the surrounding environment, but also shows the vitality of […]

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Bison bronze statue

1.Introduction of bison bronze statue Bison bronze statue is a group of bison. They walk in one direction like a team. At the front is their leader, who leads them through the grass to find a better living environment. These bison have strong muscles and powerful limbs, which show the wild beauty and living habits […]

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bronze bison statue

1.Introduction of bronze bison statue This is a large bronze bison statue. It has a strong body, thick curly hair on its head and a dark ox nose. The most special thing is its high shoulder. From the front, it is very similar to the unique “Hump” of camels. People can’t help but like the […]

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