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bronze wren sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze wren sculpture Bronze wren sculpture is a very lovely Wren standing in a ring. The top of the ring is like a pair of beautiful wings, very delicate. The round body of this Wren looks very cute. It looks very small, but it will still attract people’s attention. But the lively Wren […]

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puffin sculpture

1.Introduction of puffin sculpture The five foot tall bronze puffin sculpture is a memorial to a hunted species. This now extinct bronze statue of the great puffin overlooks the impressive sea cliffs where these birds once built their nests. The statue was created by the artist Todd Mcgrain. This is one of several works he […]

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fat bird sculpture

1.Introduction of fat bird sculpture Fat bird sculpture is a replica of Fernando Botero. Botero’s sculptures always use exaggerated designs to clearly and positively show the form of volume. It gives the strongest feeling to the audience: from rejection to admiration. He once said that what he painted was not fat, but desire, which was […]

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