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pink elephant sculpture

1.Introduction of pink elephant sculpture This is the pink elephant sculpture. Cartoon elephant sculpture is a cute and interesting artwork, such as pink skin, wearing a crown, and yellow bows. This sculpture image can attract people’s attention and make them feel happy and relaxed involuntarily. The design of the cartoon elephant sculpture is simple and […]

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bronze elephant sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze elephant sculpture Large bronze elephant sculpture is known as a symbol of auspiciousness and strength, and is deeply loved by people. Although the elephant has great strength, it is very gentle, charming, honest and honest, and can travel with heavy loads. Therefore, it is called the person who knows virtue among animals. […]

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bronze elephant statue

Life size bronze elephant statue is very cute, its nose rolls up, it looks very happy. An elephant is a powerful animal and a gentle animal. Among our traditional customs, elephants represent auspicious meaning. Moreover, the bronze elephant statue also have the meaning of being strong, peaceful, happy and harmonious family. Elephant statue are generally […]

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