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Alec Monopoly Statue

The art of Alec Monopoly Alec monopoly statue is a popular street art. The Alec monopoly is a well-known street artist in the world. He has become famous all over the world and deeply loved by street art lovers and first-line celebrities. As a result, he became more and more popular, making his works extremely […]

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Richie Rich Flying In Money Sculpture

Rich, is a 12-year-old young master. Blond hair, always wearing a red sweater, with a big letter R in the front and center of the sweater. This sculpture is made by Alec,  an American street artist whose moniker is derived from the Monopoly board game’s Rich Uncle Pennybags. This  is a funny image of richie […]

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alec monopoly sculpture for sale

1.Introduction of alec monopoly sculpture for sale This alec monopoly sculpture is a rich uncle is stepping on money. He opens wings with dollar symbol. Alec millionaire uses cartoon style to comment on realistic problems and convey a simplified and exaggerated message. It is reasonable in his condemnation of the broken economic system. Although it […]

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