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1.Introduction of abstract horse sculpture Abstract horse sculpture is colorful fiberglass geometric horse sculptures. The horses are with different postures in abstract form: roar in the sky while running; having front feet jumping up; run forward with legs open; lying on the ground to rest. Thousands of gestures show different aesthetic feelings. Therefore, many places […]

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Abstract horse

1.Introduction of modern horse sculpture Modern horse sculpture is an outdoor garden stainless steel abstract semi horse sculpture, which is an abstract contemporary art. It looks amazing because it is combined with lines to show the unique shape design and visual effect. When it is placed in an outdoor garden or park as decoration, it […]

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metal horse sculpture for sale

1.Introduction of metal horse sculpture for sale Metal horse sculpture for sale is an half body abstract horse. It is composed of metal lines. There is a gap between the stripes, and the light shows a unique visual effect through the gap at night. Its unique shape has a strong sense of modern art. When […]

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