Stainless steel sculpture — a work of art with emotional and humanistic colors

stainless steel outdoor art

Stainless steel outdoor art is very popular. The combination of the artist’s ideas and stainless steel often creates works of art that are eye-catching. The stainless steel sculpture art is an individual’s judgment and choice in the collision and integration of traditional and contemporary cultures, East and West. The artist’s spiritual experience and spiritual creation are into the stainless steel sculpture, so that the statue has emotion and humanistic atmosphere.

Artists have created abstract outdoor sculpture with different visual effects between art and space through the creation of virtual and real works of art in space, aggregation, color difference, smoothness and roughness, and presented different art to viewers with different cultural experiences through images and abstractions.

stainless steel outdoor art

However, stainless steel sculpture does not exist independently, and has an inseparable relationship with the environment. Sculptures is showing around us anytime and anywhere. Sculptures can not only beautify the city, but also commemorate some meaningful activities. But no matter how sculpture appears around us, it has profound and unique meaning. For the production of sculpture, each material is unique to it, so as to create different aesthetic values by comparing with other materials.

Artistic details of abstract outdoor sculpture

stainless steel outdoor art

This is an stainless steel outdoor art sculpture, customized by our Arturban sculpture foundry for customers. This unique sculpture is full of artistic breath. Above the sculpture is a stainless steel square column with smooth radian. On the other side is a square column, which looks old, making it like a historical ring. It is full of classical charm. The two square bases below are closely connected and one coner of the square base are raised, as if to show that they are two independent individuals.

The abstract garden sculpture represents the alternation of the old and the new, and the integration of the old and the new. Although the two seem adverse, they are integrated. The past history has passed, and it is full of classical charm. The gray metal color represents the charm that history only shows. The angular shape represents the traditional idea of following the rules. The color of silver and bright stainless steel represents the modern culture of fashion. The smooth curve and bright color represent the changes of the times.

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