Spongebob image

Spongebob Sculpture

Spongebob sculpture is very popular among children. It is a very classic American Comedy Animation Series. Spongebob can be said that this animation series has been with us for too long. It is a memory of our childhood. Now it has become a favorite series of our children. This animation has brought a lot of happy times to people. Its lively and lovely image is the happiness of childhood that can not be surpassed in our hearts.

Spongebob is a lovely sponge, but its image is from the cleaning sponge in real life, with a bright yellow square appearance. In the early series, his appearance was wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. However, as the number of episodes increased, his appearance became more and more square. SpongeBob has big blue eyes, a long nose, a mouth with two big teeth, and three freckles on both cheeks. He usually wears a white shirt with a red tie, rectangular brown pants with a black belt, black shoes and white shoelaces.

SpongeBob’s personality

Spongebob Sculpture

Spongebob is an ignorant, neurotic, immature, lively and happy character who will complete tasks at all costs. Sometimes he will show dramatic responses to strangers who are friendly to him, such as the postman. Sometimes he is too confident. In some episodes, he would show hesitation in order to make the Eugene and Plankton cooperate again. He sometimes makes small things big, for example, when his famous brand is missing. spongebob sculpture is wecome.

Spongebob has a kind heart. Even his enemies rarely show angry expressions. His personality is selfless and loyal, especially to the people around him. His selfless side is fully displayed in the “best day”. This episode shows that he would rather sacrifice his best day to help his friends. Even though there is no intention, SpongeBob’s behavior often annoys others and causes disasters, especially his neighbor brother Squidward Tentacles.

Sculpture details of Spongebob

Spongebob Sculpture

The Spongebob sculpture is very cute, and people like it. Its lovely image is made into different shapes of sculpture images. It is suitable for various places of our life, so that we can feel the humorous and interesting happy atmosphere on it. At the same time, we can enjoy its lovely and interesting shape, and let us think of its classic actions and magical bubble scenes.

This Spongebob sculpture is carefully made by the sculptor of Arturban sculpture foundry. It vividly portrays the details of Spongebob. The sculptor is good at grasping the subtle details of figures, and portrays the details of holes on the sponge, freckles on the face, clothes, shoes, teeth, tongue and other details very lifelike. At its feet is a five pointed star shaped stage, which is a classic pattern in the animation drama. In the animation series, it is the background of different scenes, which is impressive.

The cheerful Spongebob sculpture is suotable for children’s Park, commercial street, amusement park, kindergarten… It is very interesting decoration. The cartoon sculpture is not only exquisite in shape and attracts people’s attention, but also brings us a happy atmosphere.

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