Self made man sculpture

Self Made Man Sculpture

Self made man sculpture is an impressive sculpture. A muscular, healthy and strong man is carving himself with a hammer and a drill. His upper body is exquisite and shaped. The powerful left hand firmly holds a drill. His right arm holds the hammer tightly and lifts it high. He is always ready to drill. Under the drill is a huge stone that has not been carved.

This meaningful sculpture clearly expresses the feelings of the sculptor, which can make us easily understand the profound meaning of the sculpture. It does not need to understand the intention of sculpture like abstract art sculpture. Therefore, this simple and easy-to-understand statue is deeply loved by people. It is not only an appreciation of art, but also an encouragement to oneself.

The sculpture itself is perfect! Delicate muscles, not abrupt and exaggerated, each piece is just right. Strong waist, strong hands, everything is handled just right. The resolute and serious expression of the handsome man are lifelike.

self made garden sculpture

Sculpt yourself — painful and happy

size of self made man sculpture

Therefore, this meaningful sculpture must be an artist with rich inner feelings and unique views on life philosophy. Only in this way can the emotion, form and details of the sculpture be enriched. A really good work, a mature work, will never express to the world the work itself, but the clear soul of the work. The depth and thickness of the soul is the depth and thickness of the author’s thoughts, the author’s understanding of life and things, the books he has read and the road he has traveled.

Bobbie Caryle Self made man sculpture was re engraved by the artists of our Arturban sculpture foundry. It is a very vivid process of carving with a hammer. It not only vividly shapes the details and texture of the sculpture, but also seems to see the process of carving with hammers. Sculpting yourself is like beating a formless self, through carving, polishing, hammering and chiseling, to become a better self.

You think the process of self carving is painful, right? Not really. The expression of the sculpture is only resolute and resolute, without pain. It’s just that the hammer and drill in his hand make us feel that the process of chopping and drilling is very painful. We will bring it our own inner drama, and feel that every hammer of his hammer hits the body, so we will feel pain. In fact, what he knocks is stone, and the process of casting ourselves is not to knock our bodies with real hammers and drills. This sculpture is a sculpture of far-reaching significance. It is suitable for schools, large buildings, squares, parks and other places. It has the value of historical treasures and can allow you to decorate and encourage yourself for a long time.

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