Puzzle toys — Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks Cube Sculpture

Rubiks cube sculpture is life size. Rubik’s cube is a mechanical puzzle toy invented by Hungarian architecture professor and sculptor Rubik Ayrne in 1974. Its inspiration is from the sand in the Danube River. Rubik’s cube has a variety of playing methods such as racing, blind twist and single twist. It has been popular for a long time and holds large and small competitions every year. It is one of the most popular intelligence games.

The stickers on the six sides of the cube usually composed of six colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white and orange. Different periods and places have different methods of stickers, but they are basically red in front, orange in back, yellow in top, white in bottom, blue in left and green in right. Rubiks cube sculpture is really attractive.

Rubiks Cube Sculpture

In life, we can often see a student or a teenager spinning the magic cube quickly. In a short time, the color of each side of the magic cube will become unified. It can not only train hand eye coordination and improve memory. The restoration process of Rubik’s cube is a process of integrating observation, action and thinking. In the process of rapid restoration, attention must highly focused, hand movement coordination and high-speed operation of thinking. It has the general characteristics of competitive sports and has high requirements for thinking ability.

Details of Rubik’s cube sculpture

Rubiks Cube Sculpture

This rubiks cube sculpture is an outdoor decorative Rubik’s cube sculpture made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. It supports a top corner of the Rubik’s cube on a circular base. This not only makes the Rubik’s cube more vivid, but also can clearly see the details of each side. The colors on each side are disordering.

This rubiks cube sculpture is made of fiberglass material. It not only makes the details of the sculpture lifelike, but also perfectly shows the small details of the cube. In terms of color, we use the car paint, the color is solid. It will be an outdoor exquisite decoration, not only adding vitality, but also showing the cultural power of the sculpture.

This large-scale Rubik’s cube sculpture with lifelike shape has rich sculpture colors. When you appreciate its unique artistic effect, is your brain also running at full speed, imagining how to transfer the disordered colors to one side to form a completed Rubik’s cube image. Its unique form will become the beautiful scenery of the garden, and it is also full of people’s wisdom.

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