Public landscape art – stainless steel hollow ball sculpture

metal sphere sculpture

Metal sphere sculpture is one of the popular garden decoration. With the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, people have higher and higher requirements for public landscape art. Public art is not only to satisfy the enjoyment of visual beauty, but also a way to show life culture and lifestyle. It not only makes life full of interest, but also brings a sense of humor and joyment to life. The stainless steel hollow ball is a very excellent sculpture form.

Stainless steel hollow ball belongs to garden sculpture, and sculpture belongs to a kind of art. It is mainly used in outdoor places such as garden or urban. Most landscape sculptures are outdoor, so landscape sculptures should have architectural characteristics. It should be integrated with environment and architecture.

Fabrication details of metal sphere sculpture

metal sphere sculpture

Outdoor garden spheres are not only beautiful in shape and loved by countless people, but also play a very important role in the garden decoration. These beautiful hollow ball sculptures are customized by our customers. Our Arturban sculpture foundry has rich experience in the production of stainless steel sculptures, and hollow ball sculptures are one of the sculptures we often make.

These are very beautiful hollow ball statues. We can see the pattern of flowers, clouds and abstract curves on these hollow spheres, which are very beautiful. They are are very artistic. Moreover, the specifications, patterns and shapes of the sculpture patterns are different, and they decorated with different colors, showing a very fashionable artistic effect. It will be a very vivid decoration in the garden.

Decorative effect of stainless steel hollow ball sculpture

metal sphere sculpture

Stainless steel metal sphere sculpture has become one of the most attractive landscape. Through the continuous improvement and innovation of sculptors, the hollow pattern is no longer rigid. The patterns will lead the new trend of landscape sculpture.

Stainless steel hollow balls will greatly enhance the artistic atmosphere of the environment. In the process of design, landscape ball sculpture directly determines the value and diffusion ability of sculpture. By designing different flower patterns and using different colors, it can bring different feelings. The ball sculpture can also form a unique lighting effect through the action of light. It create a novel and dreaming visual enjoyment, and give people a more comfortable and quiet feeling. Different color lights express different emotions and create different atmosphere.

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