Life Size Disney Statues

Life size Disney statues are Mickey and Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is a worldwide popular comic cartoon directed by Walt Disney. The film mainly focuses on the activities of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and big dog Pluto.

Through a series of incoherent and fragmentary funny encounters, they use anthropomorphic techniques and various principles such as psychology, biology, physics and philosophy to show the audience humorous, hilarious and highly artistic sketches. Among them, Mickey, with his easygoing and happy nature, has become a cartoon image that is always optimistic in the eyes of children and families and is loved and trusted by people. Donald: irritable, impatient, and occasionally very belligerent. Donald Duck is famous for quarreling with people.

They are not only cute cartoon characters, but also very popular important characters in Disneyland. They appear in Disneyland as cartoon doll characters, often participate in performances and celebrations, and are very popular. Life size Disney statues are popular as well.

Life Size Disney Statues

Details of life size disney statues of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

Life Size Disney Statues

The images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Their lovely and interesting images are not only children’s favorite images, but also good memories of adults’ childhood. Moreover, their unchanged appearance seems to always bring people’s humor and joy.

This life size Disney statues is a very vivid sculpture image of Mickey Mouse statue and Donald Duck. Their sculpture images are as lifelike as those we see in animation and Disney amusement park. We feel the happy mood brought by their lovely images. This sculpture of Mickey Mouse is still a favorite image. Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic black mouse with a pair of round ears and usually wears red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves with four fingers. It gives people a sense of mischievous and adventurous. Donald is still the representative of arrogance and humor. He is an anthropomorphic white duck with an orange mouth, feet and fins. He wears a Fauntleroy sailor’s suit, but he doesn’t wear pants. With his mouth open, we seem to be able to hear his classic cry.

The life size Disney statues of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. We use high-quality fiberglass materials to make the sculpture not only lifelike in appearance and image, but also more lifelike in color. They will be suitable for outdoor gardens, squares, amusement parks, shopping malls… The lifelike images will not only become the focus of existence, it will also bring people a happy atmosphere.

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