The messenger of peace–gulantaisha

Giant Transformer Statue

This is giant transformer statue. “This green land, this beautiful earth, must not fall into their clutches! Even if I do my best, I will protect her! My second hometown!”

In the vast and boundless universe, although the people on the planet Frid have extremely advanced science and technology, they coexist peacefully with other planets in the Bega nebula. However, this peace was finally broken by an evil man. Bega, the king of terror in the Bega nebula, is a cruel and ruthless ruler who likes to kill. He tries to use force to invade the universe in order to control the whole universe. Through cunning and deceitful means, King Bega led his ruling coalition of Bega stars to extend their claws to all the stars in the Bega nebula.

Frid star, which has adhered to the belief of peace for many years, has not developed military technology. Under the unpredicted attack of the coalition forces of Bega, fried, which could not fight back, fell.

King Bega, who occupied the Frid star, made use of the technology on the Frid star to create a terrorist weapon used to invade the whole universe, also known as the guardian God of the Frid Star: “the king of the universe – Gulian Taisha”!

Giant Transformer Statue

Duke, Prince of Frid, escaped from the prison of Bega with his excellent physical quality. He snatched the last hope of the planet, Gulian Taisha. The prince found a planet “Earth” as beautiful as Frid when wandering in the despairing Dark Universe. King Bega once again extended his claws to the earth. Duke, Yumen Dake, decided to use his life to protect his second hometown, the earth.

Details of giant transformer statue

Giant Transformer Statue

This sculpture is inspired by the character modeling of the animation: UFO robot Gulian Taisha. This animation was broadcast all over the world. During the period from July 3, 1978 to January 18, 1979, when the French version of “Goldorak” was broadcast on the French state-run TV station “antenne 2”, it set an amazing audience rating record. The popularity of this film in France is beyond doubt, and it has become a legendary anecdote among animation fans.

Giant transformer statue, Gulian Taisha made by our Arturban sculpture factory. The details of animation characters are highly restored. The two corners of Gulien Taisha’s head can generate extremely high energy. When these energies concentrated on his head, he can shoot high-temperature lightning with a power of up to 60000 degrees to the enemy. The red mark on Gulen Taisha’s chest can emit a powerful anti-gravity light. From Gulen Taisha’s shoulder, he can shoot a crescent shaped flying blade “crescent boomerang” and can cut a 7-meter-thick steel plate. Although the weight of Gulian Taisha is not light, the strong output of the body and the anthropomorphic design of each joint, the flexibility of the body is not poor.

This realistic and fashionable cartoon statue has captured the hearts of countless handmade lovers. It is a very good sculpture for personal collection, whether as a gift to relatives, friends or as decoration. At the same time, it is also a good memory of the childhood of the older generation.

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