The role of geometric elements in sculpture

Giant Bunny Statue

Giant bunny statue is with geometric art style. Stainless steel geometric sculptures can be seen everywhere in the shopping malls in the streets and alleys. When we go out to play or visit major exhibitions, we will see many beautiful sculptures. These sculptures are made of stainless steel. Because the sculptures made of stainless steel are bright in color and smooth, they are deeply loved by people.

The geometric elements of stainless steel geometric rabbit sculpture have come to the forefront of the times. It plays an important role in the development of modern sculpture and even in the contemporary era. The form language of geometric elements are more fit the expression channels of modern and contemporary sculpture artists, carry the power and inner demands of artists’ sculpture art creation, and it redefine aesthetic interest, summarize people’s understanding and expression, so as to meet people’s visual needs.

The stainless steel geometric rabbit sculpture art gives people a simple and fast feeling. In production, it is simpler and easier to operate than irregular sculpture. Geometric sculpture is an indispensable part of the public environment. Since the sculpture art entered the modern sculpture era, its ideology has tried to get rid of the shackles of classical sculpture and pursue new concepts and new values. The traditional and old ways of expression are difficult to meet the demands of sculptors. The new way of artistic expression can make the path of sculpture art go further.

large bunny sculpture

Giant bunny statue details

size of bunny statue

With the acceleration of the pace of life, people’s aesthetic pursuit of stainless steel sculpture art has also improved. The stainless steel geometric rabbit sculpture has a strong sense of modernity and fashion. It not only plays a good role in setting off the whole environment, but also integrates with the surrounding environment, adding spatial effects and visual effects. This stainless steel geometric painted rabbit sculpture is very lovely and beautiful. A pale blue abstract rabbit ran to the purple finish line in the race. The finish line was hanging around his neck like a scarf, representing its highest honor. The posture of the rabbit with open arms is not only a jubilation for his victory, but also a hug for his victory. At the same time, the artistic effect of cartoon brings a happy artistic atmosphere.

This giant bunny statue is carefully made by our sculptors. We use high-quality stainless steel materials to make it. It not only has unique new ideas in modeling design, but also combines abstract geometric effects with cartoon effects, which is simple, generous and fashionable. The bright and beautiful colors add joyful elements to the sculpture and make the whole sculpture full of spirit. It enriches the landscape of the park, shapes the image of the park, and integrates with the park to make the park more cultural connotation, more vivid and interesting. Animals and humans live in peace, so that people give meaning and emotion to some animals.

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