Fantastic butterfly chair

cast iron butterfly chair

Cast iron butterfly chair is suitable for garden. Do you think butterflies are just for viewing? Your idea is wrong. It can not only fly in the garden like a fairy, but also be a seat with a pair of beautiful wings. There is a fan-shaped leisure chair in the middle of the butterfly, and a brand-new image appears in front of us.

This cast iron butterfly chair sculpture is creative, beautiful and generous. It is a perfect sculpture worth having. Leisure chairs bring you unlimited comfort and fashionable enjoyment of home life. The simple and lively lines give full play to the human nature of the leisure chair. In the rest, it can always give people endless aftertaste.

Artistic effect of butterfly seat sculpture

cast iron butterfly chair

This butterfly garden statue is very interesting. It is an artistic sculpture integrating viewing and practical use. The light green butterfly has long antennae. The hollow design on the wings of the butterfly not only makes the butterfly full of light texture, but also full of flexible effect. In the middle part of the sculpture is a fan-shaped seat, which connected with the two wings of the butterfly. It changes the traditional shape of the bench and is full of new ideas. If in the garden, courtyard and other places, it will not only be very beautiful, but also make people who pass by it stop to take photos.

Standing in the garden, this butterfly seat sculpture can well reflect the open artistic pursuit of modern people. The method to achieve the colorful effect breaks the simple color of the stainless steel sculpture, brings fashionable and active visual beauty to the surrounding environment, and becomes a beautiful scenery in the city. The beauty brought by sculpture through material expression is an essential aesthetic connotation factor of outdoor sculpture.

Creation details of cast iron butterfly chair

cast iron butterfly chair

This butterfly seat sculpture is a cast iron garden art sculpture of Arturban sculpture foundry. The unique creative effect and exquisite sculpture shape perfectly portray the details of the sculpture, and it is a beautiful scenery in any scene. This sculpture is made of high-quality metal materials. The bright colors have luster, which makes the whole sculpture full of artistic atmosphere.

The cast iron butterfly chair is an art sculpture. The color is with baking paint technology. It adopts the latest ergonomic design, and it feels comfortable and relaxed. The chair is suitable for shopping malls, hotels, children’s play areas, airports, parks and other places. It looks like a special-shaped beauty. It is incompatible with the surrounding and becomes a dazzling scene in the landscape. At the same time, it is also suitable for park display.

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