Marvel’s soul — Captain America

captain america statue figure

Captain america statue figure is life size. Captain America is the symbol of the American spiritual culture. He has always cherished a pure heart of loyalty to the country. It is this passion that makes him have great infinite energy, overcome one difficulty after another, and become the absolute leader of the avenger alliance. Many heroes follow his lead.

He may not be the most powerful, but he is the most charismatic, wise and resolute. Being friendlier to the people than Thor, he is the perfect embodiment of the American spirit. He has injected serum from the thin and weak young people and become a super soldier, boosting the morale of the US Army. Finally, the US government allowed Steve Rogers to wear the combat suit based on the star stripe flag to enter and leave the battlefield, and regarded him as the banner figure of World War II propaganda, and awarded him the title of “Captain America”.

He once gave up his battle clothes and picked them up again. Captain America is the symbol of the United States. It does not mean that the United States government is only loyal to the American dream. He is purer than iron man, He’s a perfectionist and sometime at a loss. More immortal than the Hulk, since the thaw.

captain america statue figure

Details of captain america statue figure

captain america statue figure

Does this statue of Captain America make you feel that Marvel’s heroes are right beside you? Does this sculpture with such realistic shape made by Arturban sculpture factory surprise you?

It can be said that Captain America’s distinctive clothing has a very high degree of discrimination. You will find that the Captain America’s modeling design and clothing have strong American flag elements, and the colors are mainly bright blue, white and red. He wore an A-shaped helmet on his head. Compared with other heroes, the shape of Captain America is perfect. The streamlined design that fits the body, the protection of high-density clothing materials and shield, and the integration of tight pants and a large number of elastic materials make the posture of Captain America more flexible. The brand-new shiny metal shield integrates technology with fashion sense, and has become a symbol of fashion pioneer.

The captain america statue figure is elaborately produced by our sculptors. He holds a shield in one hand and a fist in the other. Looking up ahead, he represents the supreme faith of the messenger of justice. His energetic combat uniform makes his heroic image more restrained and with explosive power.

This lifelike Captain America Sculpture figure is the best gift for Marvel fans. It not only makes people understands the characteristics of Marvel characters at a close distance, but also is a satisfaction in the marvel spiritual world.

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