Elf legend

Details of ELF sculpture

This is a bronze elf garden statues. Elves, originating from the ancient legends of northern Europe. Its image is very similar to human beings. It has pointed ears and is a beautiful and long-lived race. Generally, he takes the forest as his home, loves nature, has delicate emotions, and has beautiful sounds and melodies. He is a natural poet and dancer. Their humor, like their songs and poems, shines with wisdom, and their weapons are bows and arrows and swords.

There are also some elves who live underground and have a field of vision twice that of people under dark conditions, so they have mastered superb archer. They are knowledgeable and has a high talent for magic. Elves can generally live to over 700 years old, which is why they are always not in a hurry.

Elves are always willing to spend a lot of time on things that humans cannot understand: listening to the gurgling water, the birds in the forest, and the wind… For elves, the meaning of life is to slowly find a beautiful place and fully enjoy it. It is also very difficult for them to establish a deep friendship with the race whose life is short. It is really painful to see their friends die while they still have a lot of lives to live.

bronze elf garden statues

In many beautiful fairy tales, elves are the images of beautiful fairies encountered by the protagonists in the beautiful forest. They are knowledgeable and full of wisdom. Under the guidance of the fairies, the difficulties of the protagonists will be solved.

Details of bronze elf garden statues

bronze elf garden statues

This bronze elf garden statues is elaborately made by Arturban sculpture foundry. It uses high-quality stainless steel to create. The image of the beautiful elf is very delicate and beautiful. When it flies in the garden, it is very beautiful, which makes us intoxicated.

The butterfly like wings hollowed out on her back are very light and full of Fairy Spirit. The shape of this lovely elf sculpture is like dancing in the sky. The hat on her head is like a round flower, and she is like an elf in the garden. With one hand up and the other down, she spreads her beautiful wings and dances like she is performing magic. You can’t help but wonder whether her surroundings will become more beautiful under her magic.

The shape of bronze fairy statue is highly polished, which makes the surface of the sculpture very smooth and delicate, with a very good texture. It shines like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding scenery, and we become a part of it. The rose golden elves are more spiritual and also more eye-catching.

This rose gold garden fairy statues  can be placed in outdoor gardens, courtyards and other places, which will bring vitality to the garden, add fairy tale mystery to the garden, and add elegant and playful elements to the surrounding environment. At the same time, its novel and unique shape attracts countless people to watch and collect.


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