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bronze horse statue life size

1.Introduction of bronze horse statue life size The bronze horse statue life size is a work of art full of majesty and historical heritage, vividly showing the graceful posture and strength of the horse. A bronze horse statue life size is even more amazing. It not only shows the artist’s exquisite grasp of details, but […]

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black stallion statue

1. Introduction of black stallion statue This sculpture is a realistic fiberglass black stallion statue, which is very handsome. The horse sculpture is one of the most popular sculptures. The vigorous horseshoes, elegant horsetails, and strong muscles all show the handsome and unrestrained horse image. Horse also symbolizes unrestrained enthusiasm, free and easy, and tenacity. […]

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black horse statue

Black horse statue looks very mysterious. As a professional sculpture factory, arturban sculpture factory has a rigorous working attitude and a higher standard design concept for the image of horse sculpture. In the design concept of horse sculpture, our designers have unlimited creation and play to the form, action and charm of design. I believe […]

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