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horse life size statue standing

1.Introduction of horse life size statue standing The sculpture presents a lifelike image of a horse, and is extremely artistic and realistic from the overall shape to the details.In horse life size statue standing,  the horse’s posture is natural, its limbs are slender, and its muscle lines are smooth and powerful, showing its elegance and […]

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war horse sculpture

1. Introduction of War Horse Sculpture This bronze sculpture shows the majesty and power of a warhorse. The horse has a natural posture, slender and powerful limbs, and clear muscle lines, which makes it look very realistic. In the War Horse Sculpture, the warhorse holds its head high, looks confident, has erect ears, and has […]

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black stallion statue

1. Introduction of black stallion statue This sculpture is a realistic fiberglass black stallion statue, which is very handsome. The horse sculpture is one of the most popular sculptures. The vigorous horseshoes, elegant horsetails, and strong muscles all show the handsome and unrestrained horse image. Horse also symbolizes unrestrained enthusiasm, free and easy, and tenacity. […]

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mare and foal statue lawn

Mare and foal statue lawn depicts the scene of a mare and a foal running freely on the grass. However, the mare horse foal is always guarded by her foal side, looking around from time to time, being alert to any unexpected situations around her, maternal love let mare horse become the most solid protective […]

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full size horse statue

This full size horse statue is painted with gorgeous colors. The gorgeous and beautiful painted effect is pleasing to the eyes. It is very suitable for parks, cities and squares. The implication of horse sculpture is the spirit of dragon and horse, which leads to success. Therefore, horse sculpture has a wide range of applications. […]

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horse garden sculpture

Horse garden sculpture is very regular decoration in our life, Horse has been breeding since ancient times. Horse is a kind of gentle animal. It also has unique symbolic significance. Horse has a very high cultural status in China. Since ancient times, people have believed that horses are great and tall animals, which are very […]

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outdoor horse sculpture

Outdoor horse sculpture decoration demand is increasing. Horse has a high status in people’s hearts. Horse is a spiritual animal, representing the moral of purity, passion, flexibility and elegance. Our arturban sculpture factory takes high-strength synthetic fiber as the reinforcing skeleton, so our life size fiberglass horse can withstand a weight of about 150 kg. […]

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black horse statue

Black horse statue looks very mysterious. As a professional sculpture factory, arturban sculpture factory has a rigorous working attitude and a higher standard design concept for the image of horse sculpture. In the design concept of horse sculpture, our designers have unlimited creation and play to the form, action and charm of design. I believe […]

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