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cube sculpture

1.Introduction of cube sculpture The cube sculpture is composed of multiple red stainless steel cubes stacked together. Each cube has vivid colors and a polished surface, making it shine in the sunlight. These stacked cubes form an interesting geometric shape that attracts people’s attention. The decorative role of cube sculpture in outdoor gardens is very […]

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cube statue

1.Introduction of cube statue The stainless steel hollow cube statue shows a sense of modernity and artistic beauty. It is made of tough stainless steel, in a cubic shape, with a hollow design inside. The light passes through the hollow part to form a unique shadow, giving the sculpture a vivid dynamic effect. Each surface […]

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cubes sculpture

1.Introduction of cubes sculpture This cubes sculpture is a large outdoor geometric hollow three-dimensional stainless steel sculpture in modern art style. This cube sculpture is composed of four small cubes in different directions. Their corners are close to each other and the corner of large cube are in close contact with the ground. It looks […]

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