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geometric bull sculpture

1.Introduction of geometric bull sculpture Geometric bull sculpture is very popular among us. This abstract bull sculpture is very fashionable and generous. It shows strong and powerful limbs, ready to go, symbolizing all preparations for difficulties. This cow is made with abstract geometric figures. It forged with silver bright mirror surface. It is different from […]

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metal bull statue

1.Introduction of metal bull statue This metal bull statue is a stainless steel bull, very creative. In the head of the sculpture, we can see that the bull has strong muscles and the tenacity of lowering its head forward is unstoppable. As its weapon, we can strongly feel its power. At the tail of the […]

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Cartoon bull statue

1.Introduction of Cartoon bull statue This lovely cartoon bull statue is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. A running calf gives people emotion under our sculpture. It opens its arms and closes its eyes as if it is enjoying the breeze. The most striking is the bright red scarf, which floats in the breeze, with […]

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