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saint mary sculpture

1.Introduction of saint mary sculpture This is the saint mary sculpture. As an art form, Mary sculpture is not only a sculpture, but also a profound symbol, carrying rich religious, cultural, and artistic connotations. The significance of this sculpture lies in the spirit and emotions it conveys, deeply touching the hearts of believers and art […]

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saint mary garden statue

1.Introduction of saint mary garden statue This is well known saint mary garden statue. Mary sat solemnly in a chair, her face filled with tenderness and love, as if silently praying for the world. Her eyes are deep and clear, as if they can penetrate time and see through everything. Mary held a reliance in […]

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mother mary and jesus statue

1.Introduction of mother Mary and Jesus statue This mother Mary and Jesus statue, where is placed in the church. Mary sits in a chair with a cross on her chest, representing her obedience to the God. Behind her is a halo as an angel of the God, holding a scepter, as if to prove that […]

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