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the last three statue

1.Introduction of the last three statue The last three statue is a very famous memorial sculpture, which was created by artists Gillie and Marc Art and named: the last three. The sculpture is to commemorate the last three northern white rhinoceros in the world. The last three white rhinos are living in Sudan, Kenya. The […]

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bronze rhino statue

1.Introduction of bronze rhino statue This sculpture is bronze rhino statue in front of the Orsay Museum in Paris, France. This special statue was made by Alfred Jacquemart. Rhinoceros have different subspecies, some have two horns, and some have one. The rhinoceros statue carved by Alfred Jacquemart is based on the Indian rhinoceros because it […]

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life size rhino statue

1.Introduction of life size rhino statue This is a life size rhino statue. The shape design is perfect, which depicts a lifelike rhinoceros image for us. Its round body has clear skin texture, which complements the bronze and metal color, as if we could feel its thickness. Its vivid ears and horns are very lifelike. […]

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