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winged angel statue

1.Introduction of winged angel statue The winged angel statue presents a unique abstract aesthetic. The angel’s body is presented in a hollow shape, with light and smooth lines outlining its outline. The image of this angel is different from traditional depictions, as it only has one wing, blending mystery and uniqueness. The angel’s posture seems […]

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metal man statue

1.Introduction of metal man statue The metal man statue presents a unique abstract aesthetic. The rabbit man stood there, holding a cane in his left hand and a bright red bird resting on his right arm, as if communicating and interacting. The rabbit man wears a suit, with a bow tie and belt made of […]

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modern man sculpture

1.Introduction of modern man sculpture The modern man sculpture presents a unique abstract aesthetic. In the sculpture, a man wearing glasses, dressed in a delicate suit, extends his hands as if welcoming infinite possibilities. His image is smooth and concise, with geometric lines interwoven to create a unique visual aesthetic. On the man’s arm rested […]

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