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dandelion and fairy sculpture

1.Introduction of dandelion and fairy sculpture This dandelion and fairy sculpture is an intoxicating artwork that blends fantasy with reality. The elf image in the sculpture is lifelike, holding a large dandelion as if to convey wishes to the earth anytime and anywhere. This intoxicating scene makes people feel as if they have entered a […]

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garden fairy dandelion sculpture

1.Introduction of garden fairy dandelion sculpture This stainless steel garden fairy dandelion sculpture presents a graceful and graceful elf, holding a blooming dandelion lightly in her hand. Her movements danced like a dream, as if ready to take off at any moment. The flower fairy smiled, as if talking to the flowers, her beauty was […]

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metal fairies with dandelions

1.Introduction of metal fairies with dandelions This  metal fairies with dandelions has very artistic characteristics. The photographer from Britain is Robin white. At the same time, he is also a talented sculpture artist who is good at making various fairy sculptures. White usually makes a thick and thick steel frame, and then winds fine steel […]

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