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White Sitting Buddha Statue

1. Introduction of White Sitting Buddha Statue This is the white marble Buddha sculpture. The White Sitting Buddha Statue shows the Buddha’s compassion and wisdom with its delicate craftsmanship and tranquil posture. The Buddha sits upright with his legs crossed and his hands folded on his legs, forming a meditation mudra. His posture is serene, […]

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maitreya bodhisattva statue

1.Introduction of maitreya bodhisattva statue This maitreya bodhisattva statue in white marble is very vivid. His fat body sits on a large lotus seat. His fat abdomen represents that his big stomach can accommodate all things in the world. The sitting posture is free and unrestrained, and he doesn’t care about secular eyes. He holds […]

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statue of sleeping buddha

1.Introduction of statue of sleeping buddha This holy marble statue of sleeping buddha  is very popular. Reclining Buddha, strictly speaking, refers to the Buddha lying on one side. Reclining Buddha is actually the Dharma of Buddha when he took nirvana. The four most important moments of the Buddha’s life are birth, becoming a monk, enlightenment […]

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meditating buddha garden statue

1.Introduction of Meditating Buddha Garden Statue This meditating Buddha garden statue is carved by hand from natural Hunan marble, as white as jade. The sitting posture of the Great Buddha is called meditation in Buddhism, also known as meditation. When this sculpture is represented by gestures, the hand is usually kept at the level of […]

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large white buddha statue

1.Introduction of Large white buddha statue This large white buddha statue is made of natural white marble and carved by hand. A Buddha sits on the lotus platform in meditation. In this position, the Buddha is depicted with his hands on his knees, his face up and his legs crossed, Double lotus posture (the ankles […]

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Large Buddha Garden Statue

1.Introduction of Large Buddha Garden Statue This large Buddha garden statue is purely hand carved with natural white marble which sits on the lotus platform in the form of meditation. In this pose, the Buddha is depicted with his hands on his knees, his face up and his legs crossed, double lotus posture (the ankles […]

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lying buddha statue

1.Introduction of Lying Buddha Statue This lying Buddha statue is carved by hand from natural white marble, depicting the image of the Buddha in rest. His head was gently supported by his hands, his eyes closed, and his face looked calm. This statue depicts that when the Buddha entered Nirvana before his death, the Buddha […]

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reclining buddha statue

1.Introduction of Reclining Buddha Statue This Reclining Buddha statue is carved by hand from natural white marble and is shaped according to its nirvana. The right side is lying in the south, and the right side is comfortable and peaceful. Buddha is one of the most worshiped gods in Buddhism and the supreme one overlooking […]

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outdoor buddha statue

1.Introduction of Outdoor Buddha Statue This outdoor Buddha statue is carved by hand from natural white marble. It depicts the beautiful Buddha of Shakyamuni sitting in a meditative posture, that is the most common fingerprint of the Buddha when he meditated under the bodhi tree before he became a Taoist priest. His legs crossed, eyes […]

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