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full size cow statue

1.Introduction of full size cow statue This is a full size cow statue. The cow erected on the green grass, displaying the elegant posture of the cow. Some are grazing with their heads down, while others are gazing up into the distance. They are plump and robust, with delicate and smooth hair. Cows have black […]

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bronze cattle sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze cattle sculpture This is a podolica bronze cattle sculpture with unique design. Podolica cattle are medium-sized animals with black skin. Their color is usually gray or black. The colors of bulls and cows are very different. Bulls are darker and may be almost black, while cows are light gray and tend to […]

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life size cow statue

1.Introduction of life size cow statue Life size cow statue is very popular decoration, Cattle is a symbol of wealth in western culture. According to the records of the Bible Exodus, the Israelites soon ran away from Egypt, followed the customs they had been exposed to in Egypt, and used the image of cattle to […]

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