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horseman sculpture

1.Introduction of horseman sculpture The stainless steel horseman sculpture is with high artistic value and decorative value. It is usually made of modern design concepts. The shape shows the scene of people riding horses. It is beautiful and vivid, which not only reflects the interaction between humans and animals, but also reflects human’s love for […]

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bronze equestrian statue

1.Introduction of bronze equestrian statue Bronze equestrian statue is life size. This is a very classic sculpture of a horse trainer. The wild horse raises front hoof and neighs. The horse trainer has been thrown to the ground by the wild horse, and still holds the reins tightly in his hands, showing each other’s stubbornness, […]

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bronze horse and rider statue

1.Introduction of bronze horse and rider statue Bronze horse and rider statue is famous statue. It is a very classic statue of Elizabeth Frink’s horse and knight on New Bond Street. This sculpture combines two of Frink’s favorite themes: horse and naked man, and is reduced to the basic form. This sculpture has eternal quality. […]

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