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hand sculpture art

1.Introduction of hand sculpture art It is an hand sculpture art made of stainless steel. The sculpture features a circular ring as the main body, with a pair of interlocking hands inside. The entire sculpture presents a simple and powerful appearance. The circular ring is made of smooth stainless steel material, emitting a bright metallic […]

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decorative hand sculpture

1.Introduction of decorative hand sculpture This is the fiberglass decorative hand sculpture. The characteristic of fiberglass sculpture is that it can create diverse shapes and colors, while also possessing the characteristics of firmness, lightness, and durability. This allows artists to flexibly express the characteristics and style of sculpture works through the combination of form, color, […]

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big hand sculpture

1.Introduction of big hand sculpture It is an outdoor big hand sculpture made of stainless steel. It depicts a large hand open, with a large and delicate leaf placed on the palm. Connected with the leaf is a woven rope around the wrist. There are also small leaves on the rope, which is also very […]

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