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flying horse statue

1.Introduction of flying horse statue Pegasus, as one of the mythical creatures in traditional Chinese culture, is often given a magical image. Flying horse statue, especially golden Pegasus sculptures, have special significance and value in culture and art. First of all, Pegasus is one of the important images in traditional Chinese mythology, representing courage, strength […]

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pegasus horse statue

1.Introduction of pegasus horse statue The stainless steel pegasus horse statue is a stunning artwork that showcases unique artistic value in terms of material, appearance, and expressive power. The flying horse in this sculpture seems to take off in the moment of carving, spreading its wings and ready to fly, presenting a breathtaking sense of […]

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flying horse sculpture

1.Introduction of flying horse sculpture The stainless steel flying horse sculpture is full of mystery and elegance. The Pegasus has a pair of magnificent wings, as if ready to soar into the sky at any time. It stands on a delicate ball, cleverly hollowed out to create a lightweight feel. The hooves of Pegasus lightly […]

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