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stainless steel fish sculpture

1.Introduction of stainless steel fish sculpture The stainless steel fish sculpture presents a vivid underwater world scene. A group of fish swim in the same direction with smooth lines and natural postures, as if swimming freely in the water. The appearance of the sculpture presents a unique luster of stainless steel, which makes the fish […]

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large outdoor fish statue

1.Introduction of large outdoor fish statue The large outdoor fish statue is a modern art. The body of a fish presents various bright colors, full of vitality. Its body lines are smooth and elegant, as if dancing gracefully in the water. Each scale is lifelike, detailed and precise, making the entire sculpture more realistic. The […]

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outdoor fish sculpture

1.Introduction of outdoor fish sculpture The stainless steel outdoor fish sculpture is a modern art, which is composed of stainless steel rings and swimming fish sculptures. The schools of fish cross through the stainless steel circle, giving people a dynamic feeling of flowing and swimming. This sculpture shows the unique style of modern art, combining […]

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