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geometric polar bear

1.Introduction of geometric polar bear This geometric polar bear statue stands on the base, with a three-dimensional geometric shape, presenting an abstract style. Its head tilted, its mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth, as if roaring. The overall presentation presents a sense of strength and ferocity, while retaining the abstract elements of modern art. The geometric […]

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polar bear garden statue

1.Introduction of polar bear garden statue This is a polar bear garden statue. Their bodies are large and strong, with thick white fur covering their entire bodies, making people feel the cold and purity of the Arctic world. The postures of polar bear sculptures are diverse, with some standing up and holding their heads and […]

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polar bear statue

1.Introduction of polar bear statue This polar bear statue is very creative. Mother polar bear is walking on the ground, and the three baby polar bears on her back are playing. A baby bear, with a pink ball on his head, lies on his mother’s back, supports his chin with his hands and plays freely; […]

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