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the batman sculpture

1. Introduction of the batman sculpture This is a the batman sculpture. Batman is a classic superhero in DC comics, and his image is often carved into sculptures for collection and decoration. Batman is dressed in a black cloak and tight fitting black suit, holding hunting equipment, with a tall and handsome figure. In sculptures, […]

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full size batman figure

1. Introduction of full size batman figure This is a full size batman figure. Batman is a beloved superhero and a highly sought after sculpture. The form of Batman sculpture is very unique. A handsome man wearing a helmet and a cloak, Batman clenched his fists and stepped on the towering building. This form not […]

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Spider Man Gallery Statue

Superhero—spider man Spider man gallery statue is popular. Spider man is a character in the super popular American comics. Even if it is made into a film, it is very popular with the audience. Spider man, as a superhero under marvel, perfectly explains the saying: “the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility”. Spider man […]

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life size stormtrooper statue

1. Introduction of life size stormtrooper statue Life size stormtrooper statue is very classic. The sculptures of Black Knights and stormtrooper in the star wars are very lifelike. The image of stormtrooper with guns is full of modern high-tech features, the lines tend to be concise, which perfectly restores the image of these soldiers. They […]

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Life Size Spiderman Statue

1.Introduction of Life Size Spiderman Statue Life Size Spiderman Statue is popular among people. Spider man is a superhero of Marvel comics, created by author and editor Stan Lee and author and painter Steve Ditko. Peter Benjamin Parker was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider in an extracurricular activity, and obtained special abilities like a […]

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merlin wizard statue

1.Introduction of merlin wizard statue Merlin wizard statue is life size. Merlin (also known as Myrddin, Merlinus) is a great wizard in the Arthurian legend. The most famous is Le Morte d’Arthur of Sir Thomas Mallory (A.D. 1469). Merlin is a wizard in many English legends. Although he first appeared in Welsh literature as a […]

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life size captain morgan statue

1.Introduction of life size captain morgan statue Life Size Captain Morgan Statue is classic. His arm is with a hook and iron leg. Piracy refers to robbers who rob merchant ships and towns at sea and along the coast. Like bandits on land, it is a very old profession. Pirates have existed since ships sailed. […]

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