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balloon animal dog sculpture

1.Introduction of balloon animal dog sculpture Balloon animal dog sculpture is very famous and popular. Jeff Koons (1955~) is internationally recognized as one of the most important and influential American artists. He is famous for expressing popular cultural themes and copying vulgar handicrafts. He is a mirror stainless steel sculpture inspired by balloon toys. It […]

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balloon poodle sculpture

1.Introduction of balloon poodle sculpture This is an amazing pink balloon poodle sculpture. The full body pink color makes the sculpture very eye-catching and beautiful, showing its elegant and noble temperament. Its hair looks very interesting after careful pruning. Its mouth is very wide, showing sharp teeth. It looks very fierce, representing its rebellious character. […]

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jeff koons balloon dog

1.Introduction of jeff koons balloon dog This exquisite jeff koons balloon dog sculpture is a work created by Jeff queens using the idea of “toy” to art. This colorful balloon dog sculpture is like a puppy made of balloons in childhood. It has lifelike expression, abstract facial features, lifelike posture and exquisite emotion, which gives […]

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