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metal dragon ornaments

1.Introduction of metal dragon ornaments A large stainless steel metal dragon ornaments shows a smooth, mirror like dragon. Its body lines are smooth without any flaws, giving people a sense of exquisite craftsmanship and superb craftsmanship. The dragon’s head is majestic and powerful, and its eyes are bright and energetic, as if it can see […]

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outdoor dragon fountain

1.Introduction of outdoor dragon fountain The eastern dragon has been closely connected with water since ancient times. In ancient myths and legends, the dragon is covered with scales on its long body, has two antlers like antlers on its head, and has four legs. It also has eagle claws, which can reach the sky, dive […]

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dragon garden fountain

1.Introduction of dragon garden fountain Dragon garden fountain are described in myths and legends as a very intelligent beast with extraordinary vision and magical power, which can serve as guardians to protect things around. This is a western dragon sculpture. The scales of the western dragon sculpture look very hard, as if it is invulnerable. […]

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