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crocodile sculpture

1. Introduction of metal crocodile sculpture This is a lifelike crocodile garden sculpture. This metal crocodile sculpture is made of bronze with extremely fine details, showing the ferocity and majesty of the crocodile. The crocodile sculpture opens its mouth and exposes sharp teeth, as if it is ready to attack at any time, full of […]

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bronze alligator sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze alligator sculpture Bronze alligator sculpture takes you into the mysterious and wild wetland ecology. A lifelike crocodile is showcasing its ferocity and majesty. The sculptor cleverly captured the moment when the crocodile’s mouth was open, revealing its sharp teeth as if it were visible at a glance. The texture on the crocodile’s […]

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garden crocodile statue

1.Introduction of garden crocodile statue This garden crocodile statue is very interesting and vivid. We can clearly see the hard scales raised on the crocodile, which makes people afraid to approach. It opens its mouth at rest and leaks out its sharp teeth. It is very fierce and people dare not approach it. This sculpture […]

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