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Two kids with dog on log Bronze Statue

1.Introduction of Two kids with dog on log Bronze Statue This is two kids with dog on log bronze statue. Childhood is the happiest time. They don’t have any troubles. A little mate and a puppy will be their best friends. They can become the theme of happiness all day and have the simplest happiness. […]

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bronze boy and dog statue

1.Introduction of bronze boy and dog statue This is a bronze boy and dog statuee. This curved log is like a single wooden bridge. The little boy’s legs are bent, his hands are open to keep balance, and he moves forward carefully, afraid of falling down. The dog in front of him stopped and stood […]

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Children Garden ornaments

1.Introduction of Children Garden ornaments Children Garden ornaments is three kids with dog walking on log. At this age, children always like adventure and excitement, and always like to find some steep places to play. This sculpture is a log supported by two smooth stones on both sides of the stream, and swimming fish can […]

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