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painted french bulldog statue

1.Introduction of painted french bulldog statue This is a painted french bulldog statue. It is a Bulldog sitting on the ground, wearing a pair of black glasses, which looks very special. The design on this Bulldog is very beautiful and colorful, leaving a deep impression. The smooth lines and clear outlines of the entire sculpture […]

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Wolf statues for sale

1.Introduction of Wolf statues Wolf statues is a very realistic. Wolf, similar to dog and jackal in appearance, has long feet, thin body, squint eyes, long pointed upper jaw, wide and curved mouth, erect ears, slightly narrow chest, straight tail and drooping, sandwiched between the two hind legs. They often prey on all kinds of […]

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fiberglas bulldog statue

1.Introduction of fiberglass bulldog statue Fiberglass bulldog statue is a very handsome. This Bulldog squats on the ground, wearing beautiful clothes, a fashionable hat and fashionable glasses. Behind it, we can see the colorful rope passing through the hat, and a tag on its neck. It looks very fashionable and generous, just like a bulldog […]

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